The Academy of Finance has developed strong partnerships with the local business community since its inception.  Once a month local business professionals meet to find ways to make an impact on the lives of our AOF students.  Many times these individuals are guest speakers, judges for business competitions, participants in networking events and members of our AOF Boosters Club.  These dedicated individuals also work with our AOF Boosters Club to raise funds for field trips, equipment, and materials.

Chair: Lawson Patty

Vice Chair: Nathan Bodenheimer

Booster Treasurer: Duffie McKee

Would you like to be a part of the Williams High School Academy of Finance Advisory Board? If so, simply fill out the form below. By completing this form you are only committing to learn more about the responsibilities for the specific opportunities you checked. Once the forms are reviewed, you will be contacted and given the opportunity to ask specific questions to see if this is the right opportunity for you. Thanks so much for your interest!


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Be A Guest Speaker
Do you have career experiences that you would love to share with high school students? If so, consider adding your name to our guest speaker list. By becoming a guest speaker, you can share your knowledge with students and help impact the students.
Mentor a Student
Have you ever had a person help you succeed in school, work and life? If so, how about using that positive experience as a guide to mentor a high school academy student? Many students would love the opportunity to have a mentor in their life. This may be the perfect way for you to give back to your community.
Sponsor a Field Trip
Do you have a desire to give students a glimpse of your company on a normal day of work? How about sponsoring a field trip for our students to visit your company and spend time with you and your colleagues at work? What a great way to show students what goes on in the real world of work. Or help us identify other places the students should visit.
Help With Curriculum Design
Would you like to provide recommendations to the curriculum design for Career Technical Education programs? This is a great way to use your industry expertise to influence what should be included in the curriculum to ensure that our students are prepared for the rapidly changing workforce.
Provide an Internship
Academy students receive paid internships that help prepare them for college and careers. Although this opportunity is invaluable to students, it can only be achieved through company sponsors. Are you someone who can help provide internships in the future? If so, please consider collaborating with us.